"He that is joined unto the Lord is one Spirit" 1Co 6:17 (KJV)

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The Hebrew Owlam/Olam/Olawm translated into Greek: Aion/Aionios/Aionion/Aionian/Aionon/Aionas (LXX/Septuagint) Strong# 165 & 166

*More spellings and/or derivatives include: AiOna, AiOnac, AiOni, AiOnia, AiOnian, AiOnioic, AiOnion, AiOnioy, AiOnioc, AiOniOyc, AiOniOn, AiOcin, AiOnoc, AiOnOn, Aeon.

*This greek word's meaning and its derivatives has suffered and is suffering widespread mistranslation or it does not accurately reflect the meaning of the Hebrew Owlam/Olam/Olawm as understood by the Authors of the Old Testament. This word's meaning (often taught today) most often incorrectly focuses on time only. Either time of endless duration or time of limited duration. To associate this word or its derivatives with time only or to focus on a time based definition is not ideal if the word is supposed to be the equivalent of the Hebrew Olam. Also, if one truly wants to know the meaning of the Hebrew word Olam then you would start with an understanding of the Hebrew language first, not Greek.

*There have been many published attempts by many different people to define the Hebrew Olam. Unfortunately, there is no lack of words currently in use today. Examples include: Forever, Everlasting, Forevermore, Perpetual, Eternal, Eternity, Age, Eon and Eonian. Note: All these examples incorrectly emphasize either endless time or time of limited duration. 

Please see Tab one for the proper definition of the Hebrew word Olam.