"He that is joined unto the Lord is one Spirit" 1Co 6:17 (KJV)

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Examples of Archetypes found in the Old Testament include: Sun, Moon, Earth, Heaven(s), Sea, Mountains, Valleys, Hills, Stars, Flood, Covenant, Statute, Ordinances, Decrees, Declarations, Life, Names, Laws, Lawlessness, Words, Refuges, Commandments, Bethrothal(Marriage), Priesthood, Seed, Mercy, Vengeance, Righteousness, Indignation, Wrath, Testimonies, Judgments, Anger, Hate, Jealousy, Envy, Fear, Darkness, Truth, Trust, Throne, Light, Peace, Foundation, Confusion, Terror, Reproach, Heap, Waste(s), Desolation, Curse, Shame, Sleep, Rest, Love, Prophets, Landmarks, Memorials, Land, House, Inheritance, Heritage, Allotment, Glory, Smoke, Endurance, Possessions, Way(s), Path(s), Servant, Lot, Sacrifices, Offerings, Generations, Blood, Heart, Wine, Blessing, Assurance, Portion, Praise, Hope, Thanksgiving, Kindness, Remembrance, Home, Sanctuary, Day(s), Time(s), Years, Sword, Strength, Joy, Salvation, Health, Wellness, Congregation, People, Doors, Entrance, Faithfulness, Faithlessness, King, Prince, Kingdom, Nations, Prophets, Man, Adam Eve, Moses, Aaron, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob(Israel), David, Solomon, Jerusalem, Judah, Zion, Fire, Spirit, Serpent (Satan), Christ Jesus (Son/Lord God), and of course God(Father). Please Note: These are all english words out of the King James Version. Therefore many of these words will not be the ideal Hebrew equivalent.


Owlam/Olam/Olawm usage:

You will find the following Archetypes from above in the Old Testament. Covenant, Statute, Ordinance, Decrees, Declarations, Commandments, Testimonies and Judgements. All of these are binding. Ex. Binding Commandments is the same as Olam Commandments.  We and the commandments are binded together or tied together. We are joined, fastened and yoked to the judgements, decrees, ordinances, Testimonies etc.

The word Owlam/Olam/Olawm can appear before or after an Archetype or Archetypes anywhere in a verse of scripture.  Some Old Testament Authors use Owlam/Olam/Olawm in different places than others.

Owlam/Olam/Olawm can point to one or more Archetypes in a verse of scripture.

Look for Archetypes in verses of scripture to help with understanding Owlam type or kind. (Good/Evil)  or (Ideal/Non-Ideal). Archetypes seen in the Old Testament Writings are normally Good opposed to Evil.

In the Old Testament writings the word Owlam/Olawm is used in contexts which include an Archetype or Archetypes.

It is possible to believe owlam, live owlam, serve owlam, minister owlam, anoint owlam, love owlam, bless owlam, remember owlam, remain owlam, endure owlam, sanctify owlam, save owlam, glorify owlam, sing owlam, stand owlam, walk owlam, establish owlam, continue owlam, judge owlam, contend owlam, abide owlam, burn owlam, strive owlam, rule owlam or reign owlam, but we are still talking about Archetypes and yoking. We live yoked. We serve yoked. We minister yoked etc. We are to live an ordered (owlam) life. A life of orderliness. We have a God of order not chaos.

The authors of the Old Testament Writings are attempting to bring to remembrance not only the Archetypes when using the word Owlam/Olam/Olawm, but the forces emitted by the Archetypes and their effect upon God's people.

The authors of the Old Testament Writings are from different generations, backgrounds, and places; therefore the usage or application of Owlam/Olam/Olawm may vary between authors, but the meaning does not, because it is God inspired and taught.